Safe Tree Removal in Coffs Harbour


There are countless reasons why a tree may require removal including being in decline, structurally compromised, too close to a structure, dead, diseased, too large for the space or suffering from overactive roots that interfere with plumbing.

If you are experiencing one or more of these problems because of a tree on your property, you may be concerned about how to remove it safely from the land. Contact Richard Taylor Tree Services, we have the experience, knowledge, skills, machinery and equipment necessary to carry out the safest tree removal possible!

Dead wood — tree removal in Bonville, NSW

Widowmakers and Dead Wood


Widowmakers refer to branches that are no longer attached to the tree but are still above the ground due to their contact with other branches. These branches are not easy to remove but they are dangerous, if there is a significant storm or a wind that brings the large branch to the ground it could hurt or injure someone or do some damage to your property.

Hiring our tree removal specialists is the way to go. We will quickly and safely remove the branch and any other dead wood that is a part of your tree. If we notice any branches that are showing signs of dying, we can remove them for you as well!

Safety First — tree removal in Bonville, NSW

Safety First


Our team prioritise safety, regardless of the size of the project. Whether you want a single, modestly sized tree removed or a whole property of advanced trees we will work efficiently and according to the strictest safety standards.

Our team are fully trained Arborist's that adhere to WHS at all times. Our team also takes the necessary precautions to ensure any falling tree trunks or branches will be far away from surrounding structures. We safely dismantle trees and do so with minimal environmental impact. Our crew will chip and remove any debris, we can also leave some behind on the ground so that you can use it as mulch to improve soil health.

Contact our qualified arborists in Coffs Harbour for the best tree removal services on the coast. We will not let you down!

Stump Removal


After the Richard Taylor Tree Services crew removes a tree or multiple trees from your property, the stumps remain. We do not want that problem to cause you any inconvenience, whether it’s an aesthetic or safety issue.

Our team have machines that grind the stump out allowing you to re-plant , re-turf or build over the very site that the tree has been removed from.