Tree Pruning Maintenance in Coffs Harbour


Tree pruning is a critical element of maintaining tree health, beauty and the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Whether it is the front or backyard of a house, garden near an apartment complex or a commercial outdoor space, it is integral that you utilise tree pruning services from a qualified arborist. Richard Taylor Tree Services is proud to offer these services to customers on the Coffs Coast.


Why Is Tree Pruning Necessary?

There are many reasons why a tree may need pruning. These reasons include:
Tree pruning arborists — Tree Pruning in Bonville, NSW

Hazard reduction pruning

The process of pruning a tree so that you can reduce its immediate risk to people and property. For instance, many trees can have branches growing to the extent that they go far beyond the scope you had anticipated.
Formative pruning — Tree Pruning in Bonville, NSW

Formative pruning

An excellent option for young trees to improve their growing structure. It can also help to eliminate defects and promote good future tree form and shape in these younger trees. As qualified arborists, we specialise in pruning only as much as a young tree requires to ensure flawless growth.
Dead wooding — Tree Pruning in Bonville, NSW


The process of removing dangerous dead branches from living trees for aesthetic and safety reasons. You may notice some branches are hanging a little too loosely from your tree. This is usually the result of part or the entire branch being dead. We can identify those dead or dying branches and remove them.
Crown Thinning — Tree Pruning in Bonville, NSW

Crown Lifting

Involves reducing foliage weight on lateral tree branches. This is often necessary to improve light access through the crown which will help ensure that your tree remains healthy and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.


Safe Tree Pruning


Tree pruning is not the kind of process that just anybody can handle, it’s a specialised skill all on its own, there is a big difference between landscaping and tree pruning services. Landscapers manage mowing the lawn or trimming weeds but tree pruning requires very specific knowledge, expertise and equipment in order to be done safely and correctly.

At Richard Taylor Tree Services we can safely and thoroughly prune your trees to make sure you have the ideal aesthetics and functionality in your outdoor space.