Efficient Stump Grinding Services in Coffs Harbour


Stump grinding is a useful service after you have had trees removed from your property. The stump that is entrenched in the ground may not be very visible but could cause a potential tripping hazard. It also levels the earth so you can use the space for something else in your garden.

Stump Removal — Stump Grinding in Bonville, NSW

Expert Stump Removal


Our team can manage stump grinding jobs of all sizes. Whether you have a couple of stumps or you had 20 trees removed from your property, our crew will work safely, quickly and thoroughly, with excavators if required. All stumps are ground and your grindings are left to fill in the remaining hole or to be placed on your garden as mulch, they can also be removed from the site if requested.

When one of our friendly team visits your property for a free price quote he will evaluate the access available for machinery. They will also assess the area surrounding the stumps to be ground for all safety and environmental aspects related to plumbing, power supplies and buildings. If stumps are near houses and pools, protective barriers are erected to keep your property safe.

Experienced Arborists — Stump Grinding in Bonville, NSW

Experienced Arborists


Our team has the relevant tools and experience to grind stumps of all sizes. Given the training we provide for all our team members, you can be sure they will evaluate every relevant aspect of the job before proceeding.

We are also known for our strict safety standards having never had a serious safety breach in all our years of providing tree services. Being in business for so many years we've been able to acquire all the tools and machinery to handle any scale tree removal or land clearing operation.