Best Tree Management Services in Coffs Harbour


Richard Taylor Tree Services is located in Coffs Harbour and we offer a wide array of services to our extensive customer base. Some jobs may require a Professional Tree Report which can identify issues and recommendations for certain situations. We can organise this for you if required.

We can provide advice for Local Council recommendations if you need to lodge a Tree Removal Permit or are applying for a Development Application before building. Coffs Harbour has many Koala Habitat areas and we can guide you to the information required so as not to affect local species and exclusion zones and potentially help you to avoid a large fine.

Tree cutting — tree management services services in Bonville, NSW

If you have noticed problems with a particular trees health or have had an assessment carried out and discovered the tree has a disease, or you just want the tree away from your home or need more room on your property we will organise to remove the tree in question quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

We have the equipment and training to safely and efficiently remove the tree or trees from your property. We will leave your outdoor spaces and nearby structures untouched and undamaged while carrying out the tree removal services.

Stump removal is an integral part of tree removal. Stumps left behind will decay and may become a breeding ground for fungus and termites as well as being an eye-sore or tripping hazard. Our stump grinders can remove the stumps from your property with minimal mess and fuss. There may be a hole in the earth which we can fill for you if you need.

Tree pruning — tree management services in Bonville, NSW

Tree Pruning is one of the most important maintenance practices to ensure that your tree remains in its best possible condition for many years to come. Tree pruning maintenance also is imperative for your safety. Our many years experience enables us to artfully and safely prune your trees to encourage growth and weight distribution effectively and safely.

Emergency work — tree management services in Bonville, NSW

Richard Taylor Tree Services is available to help our customers who are experiencing a tree emergency. Whether you require urgent site clearing, earthmoving, stump clearing or tree removal, you can rely on our professionals to arrive promptly and with the necessary tools to carry out the emergency work.

Consult with Richard Taylor Tree Services for 24/7 assistance on the Coffs Coast!