Emergency Tree Removal in Coffs Harbour


Our 24/7 emergency tree removal team is here to call when a storm, fire or natural disaster occurs or even if an unexpected tree falls. Roots getting involved with your plumbing could also represent an emergency.

In these instances, it is helpful to have the number of a trustworthy professional.
If you live on the Coffs Coast Region, you can trust Richard Taylor Tree Services. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency tree removal.

If you believe that your circumstances qualify as an emergency, call Richard Taylor. Our team will be there immediately with the correct equipment to help you sort things out safely and thoroughly!

Cutting tree arborists — Emergency Tree Removal in Bonville, NSW

Storm and Wind Damage


Our emergency 24/7 response team can assist our customers that need immediate help, when trees have fallen through your home, power lines or car. Upon your initial contact, a team of professional staff will arrive promptly to your location with all necessary equipment to clear debris and undertake complex tree removal tasks. Natural disasters often strike when least expected. Rest assured, our qualified and fully equipped team is only a phone call away.


Earthmoving & Excavation


Richard Taylor Tree Services provide earthmoving, site clearing and excavation in the Coffs Harbour Region.
If you have many trees on your property that require removal, we can remove the trees, grind the stumps and then carry out earthworks to ensure the ground is ready for building or landscaping.

Consult with the arborists and earthworks specialists at Richard Taylor Tree Services. We have the experience, machinery and team to help you in the best possible way!